Princess Kay of the Milky Way Event

I am at the May Event for Princess Kay of the Milky Way, the official goodwill  ambassador for the dairy industry in Minnesota. This weekend is officially a competition for the crown, but also a great learning experience for how to represent the dairy industry and better be a dairy princess in my local community. One thing I learned is how to use blogging to stand up for what I love and believe in! So, here is my stance; I am a dairy believer! As a dairy farmer’s daughter, dairy is where I came from. It is the healthy choice for anyone. I love coming from the background of a family that loves and cares for animals. Now we do not milk cows at my home, but my father milks off the farm. I love being a dairy princess and I am super excited to use my new media as a way to promote what I love! Here is me sitting in our “cyber cafĂ©” learning from the midwest dairy association media expert, learning all the tricks of blogging.

My first blog with the Midwest Dairy Association’s media expert! (I am on the far left with the TOMS sticker)

Hopefully I learn something! Soon to come: Recipes and life stories! And a little of my life on the farm and my transition out of the farm life and into my life as an independent human being.