Changing the Statistic in Africa… One Beautiful Kid at a Time

“Can I keep all of them?” Looking through the sponsorship profiles of kids in poverty at the Christian bookstore where my ma works is definitely one of my more depressing hobbies…

One girl in particular had caught my eye lately. I had seen her beautiful, dark-colored, stern face on the shelf now for a couple of weeks. After reading her profile one day, I fell in love. I remember putting her back on the shelf in the front, not that I thought she deserved a sponsorship more than the other kids in the stack, but I felt a belonging to her. After reading her biography, I was so attached, as if she were my burden now… I just wanted someone to pick her and give her the school and basic health necessities she needs to have a fair opportunity at life!

This 8-year-old girl (young woman, I should say; she has probably has had more life lessons than most) is one of 6 kids in a small mud hut home in rural Niger. She runs errands for her household (probably a larger task than we can imagine with no running water nearby). She has never had the chance to go to school, common in a country where only 15% of women are literate. A sponsorship could offer her basic health care in a country with the highest ranking risk for major infectious diseases. Putting her in school could perhaps save even just one life from the horrifying trend in sex-trafficking of young girls in that area.

Every time I looked at her picture on that shelf, I thought of gifts I could send her if she were “my kid”; a lovely letter often, a colorful scarf to wrap her head, a fresh new notebook and pencils to do whatever she pleases with… simple things even American girls that age view as luxuries. I just wanted to love her.

Well, I GOT HER!! I get to love on this beautiful blessing of a child. Thanks to my parents’ generosity, I received the best birthday gift I could have ever asked for; help sponsoring this beautiful child until I am financially fit (I am only 19 and focusing on volunteer work in a homeless shelter).  I cannot wait to send her my first letter and gift. I am so happy God put that burden on my heart, and that he also had the power to show my mother how much I wanted her. I know God will do his work in both my life and hers through this opportunity to show love.


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