I Hate Homelessness

Tomorrow, I am so excited to start something I have travelled 800 miles from Minnesota to Indiana to do. I get the chance to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at a local homeless shelter. This chance to let God use my people skills for his good, to hopefully brighten at least one person’s difficult day, is so exciting to me! I cannot wait. Although it is already after 9 pm here and 5 am is approaching quickly, tonight I am just too excited to sleep. Well, anyone out there reading this, keep my endeavors in your prayers, that I am in the right place for the Lord taking a year off college to serve others.


One thought on “I Hate Homelessness

  1. You are in my prayers…recently my church started a homeless drive called “Operation Necessity” where we seek out donations of toiletry items that we can then give to the homeless in our area. Too many times people look past these individuals thinking they are lazy…but the truth of the matter is many of them are there because they have or had no choice due to many struggles they could not overcome…I pray that you are able to touch the lives of many and are able to share the love of Christ with them…hop on over to my blog and see what Christ is doing in my life…Be Blessed and always be a blessing

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