Writing a Letter to a Kid in Africa

I wrote my first letter to my sponsored girl in Niger this weekend. I am so excited to get to have a friend in such a different world and share a special love with her. I get to hear about everything going on in her life, and how my sponsorship touches her. I am so excited to send her gifts and share things that I love with her. I get to share my life with her of growing up on a farm, since her family also farms (of course, in a more desert-version). We also have the same number of siblings. I hope she will be excited to hear that someone so different may actually have many things in common with her! One large challenge is that she is living in a community where Christianity is not welcomed, and that if I write too much about my faith, I may not be able to send her letters in the future. Despite not being able to share with her my love for Jesus with a description, I pray she feels the unconditional love that I have received from my Almighty Father. 🙂 Keep my relationship with her in your prayers, that I can speak God’s love in some way that really changes her life in a way bigger than providing an education and health. Pray that God touches her heart.


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