Metaphorically, What is a Dairy Princess?

Each of our 50 states in the United States of America have dairy farms in it, with a grand total of 51, 481 farms, 98% being family owned and operated.

Minnesota is home to 4,325 dairy farms, 99% of which are family owned and operated. Minnesota dairy farming is the bread and butter to Minnesota’s economy, with an economic impact of $1.8 billion annually.

Well, dairy princesses are the favorite bra for such a valuable asset as the dairy industry. We have everything one would want in such a support. We uphold first and foremost (some better than others, of course, but as a whole, we are wonderful at our job). We class up the situation with beauty, sparkles, and feminine appeal. Our tender touch creates comfort unlike other support systems for the industry. This is what we are for the dairy industry as princesses and ambassadors, and we are just a bunch of dairy farmer’s daughters.

 Our crowns are our platform, where we stand up for where we came from and have a say in the future of our livelihood.

Our farms are our sanctuary, our nest, our refuge. The dairy farm’s welcoming arms after a time outside is like a mother’s hug; familiar and warm. The work is our teacher, molding us into strong, hardworking women. The lessons are not like any you could learn in a school. We learn about the miracle, joys, and sorrows of life. We appreciate the Earth and God’ power to a heart touching extent. We become the best breed of women through our upbringing.

Protecting and supporting our haven is an honor. We suddenly become knights in shining armor when we take on the crown. We fight off the ignorance about where food comes from. We fight off negative views. We fight the belief that we don’t love our animals with everything we are. We fight the environmentalist attacking us (clearly we appreciate the Earth, we live from her and give back to her to be able to keep living from her).

We are mediators, showing the enemy thoughts how we treat our animals and our Earth.

We love the cattle. Ours eat grass all day long. They enjoy our voices, our touch.

My neighbor’s cows are like German Shepard dogs, loyal to only him.

There is a love between farmers and their herds that soothes the baby’s cries.

The herds know when to come in, they enjoy the time of relief and familiar comfort in their parlor.

The daughters tell of this love to the consumer as princesses. “A stress free cow is a milk-making cow!” Trust us. We grew up with the calf, we see them born, we see them grow, we see them make their own offspring when their time comes and then join the milking herd. Although the cow doesn’t know of her importance in feeding the world, we treat her that way.

We are also teachers. We go to schools and tell the kids crucial things about their world. The wonder of finding out where one’s food comes from can be like a baby seeing his hands for the first time. We have a burning for teaching people, especially young ones, about being healthy; about giving their body the fuel it needs to grow strong and stay active (Such as through Fuel Up To Play 60 programs). We create waves where we go.

One of my favorite parts of being a dairy princess is the influence I have as an author of positivity in young women’s lives. Their positive views toward my outward appearance give me a pen to write into their lives truths about how beautiful they were created. Girls look to me like a compass. They ask me, “what direction should I go?” I have the responsibility of pointing due north, to use my platform in a great way. I need to study and stay true beyond what others expect, because the wind of falsehood can blow the flower into the dirt.

I love my responsibility as a ray of sunshine. It is hard work overcoming the clouds of many people’s, “you are not good enough,” and “what you stand for is stupid.” I have the opportunity to rise above the clouds.

I have the teamwork of other princesses, dairy background and non-dairy background. We love our community, they are our soil and we the flowers. We came from them and we give back to them because now is our time to do so.

We are poised as statues, yet fun as a pod of dolphins. We know our manners, yet we can make a group laugh. We are politically correct, yet always smiling. We are positive and upbeat. It takes a special talent, a special woman. I can accredit my personality to the Lord first, and absolutely molded by my upbringing on the farm.

Now speaking more literally…  I am proud to be a dairy princess. I am proud of my ambassador platform. I get to show others who my dairy industry family is. I get to tell the world about the health of dairy foods. I get to tell them of the positive economic impact of our industry. I get to tell them that we love and respect our animals and our land. I get to speak truths into the lives of girls, young and old, as a strong, beautiful woman. How many other platforms could give such an honor to a measly farmer’s daughter?

I am honored to be a Mille Lacs County Senior Dairy Princess.


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