News Anchor Addresses Her Bully

I saw this video posted on facebook today. I love this news anchor’s reply to a bully’s comment toward her personally.

Beauty is more than skin deep. Every girl and woman needs to know she was created beautiful. Every one that has ever been bullied deserves to know that they are better than somebody’s comment of negativity.
I loved this bit of encouragement for today. I think it is inspiring that in less than 24 hours, she has received almost 2 million views, and touched so many lives so quickly.

October is anti-bullying month, I guess this is a great little tribute to the realization that bullying is not ok. I have seen bullying and its effects all around me my whole life, and it is a serious issue in this world. It is not a fake issue in our world that a girl is called fat to the point of wanting to kill herself. It is not a fake thing that a boy is called ignorant, weird and annoying to the point of skipping school twice a week. These two are examples that happened to people very close to me, I saw the harmful effect of people’s words on their lives. These kinds of words are unacceptable, and everyone needs to take a stand against bullying together to make a difference. I admire the example everyone has made banding together with this video.

We need to teach kids words of encouragement and courage for themselves, and that bullying is not ok. We also each need to set an example foremost.

I would love positive comments about if this video or post touched you in any way.


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