A Typical Day of Wonderful Work

Today is not a special day. But I think that makes it a great opportunity to blog.

I get to work today at Hope Central, a very inspiring circle of people in this petite community where I am staying.

The Hope Central organization offers services to Boonville, Indiana such as;

  • Manna Market- a shop-for-yourself food shelf, where families can take as much as they need and only what they’ll eat (also has toiletries when donated)
  • Bibs and Bottles Boutique- a free resource for moms of infants and toddlers, offering free baby food, bibs, sheets for cribs, and all sizes of diapers and wipes
  • Abba Clinic- a free clinic for offering services to people with no insurance, offers great pregnancy services with ultrasound machine and testing
  • Grace Garments Clothing Bank- a free clothing store for anyone who really just needs some clothes
  • Education Services- the organization offers financial classes, health classes, and fitness classes from time-to-time

I have had the wonderful opportunity of working in the free clothing bank for most of my time with Hope Central. It has been such a blessing. My most memorable moment in my short 2 weeks was the rainy, gloomy day 2 brothers walked in, ages 10 and 13. These boys had no shoes, shorts and t-shirts on, and drunken parents sitting at home. We found one boy a pair of shoes but couldn’t find shoes for the 10-year old (it was heartbreaking, but we found him some slippers). They brought home what would be their only pairs of jeans, their only coats, and some sweatshirts we found each of them. Somebody stepped up and gave them a healthy, hot dinner to bring home that they could eat for the night, along with the food they found in Manna Market. Their entire situation was just heartbreaking, though.

Now, I wear TOMS and believe I as a more privileged person should allow others the luxury of having a nice pair of shoes, just as myself. Not having shoes in the one boy’s size was such a heartbreaking experience. We live in a non-poor community. We live in America for heaven’s sake!! That these two boys were not going to school because they grew out of their shoes was not ok. It isn’t something I would have imagined to see as a problem for such young boys in America. It is something I imagine happening more in Africa or South America, but not here.

I guess it is situations like these, though, that God uses for us to show his love to the most broken people in our world. I am happy somebody informed these boys of us as a resource.

I can not wait to go in today and serve. Every time I do, it really is a wonderful experience. I am blessed in so many ways through being a vessel to bless others.

Want to help out at Hope Central through giving? Here is their contact information on their facebook page. Or, here is their website. They always appreciate gift cards to maintain their Bibs and Bottles Boutique and help keeping stocked up on baby food, wipes, and diapers. If you are close, it is a great place to give your clothes and shoes.


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