Going Back to a More Artistic Me?

I am sitting here listening to Lana Del Rey’s album, “Born To Die”, missing who I once was. For any of you that are not so familiar with Lana Del Rey’s music, I think I could describe only as, artistic. Perhaps weird, as many of my friends and family members describe her. I love her, though. I find myself having not appreciated anything outside of the “normal”, bland world I have lived in for some time now. The most I have exercised my creative mind recently was through blogging, which I have not used much imagination in yet.

I reminisce.

Spoonbridge and Cherry

Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen, Spoonbridge and Cherry, 1985-1988
aluminum, stainless steel, paint

Growing up around Minneapolis, a city of artists, I really have grown up with an appreciation for contemporary art. I remember my first field trip to the Walker Art Center (home of the infamous “Spoonbridge and  Cherry” piece) in 6th grade. I was captivated, learning the potential of the skills I had learned throughout life in art classes.

I had always loved art. I started taking community education pottery classes with a bunch of adults around the age of 10. I fell in love with this form of self-expression and loved to see others expressing themselves in the same way. I grew an appreciation for making our world more beautiful and interesting through these contemporary art pieces I saw around me.

I learned to love an absence of rules in art especially (perhaps this is why I really hated art shows and contests through school, which I never took part in). I guess I appreciated learning skills and rules in art, but the thought of binding one’s artistic abilities inside of these rules seemed suffocating and bland. We are human, each created different and unique. I still cannot comprehend the thought process of “art judges” or critics. One’s thoughts are only personal, and I cannot understand why anyone else would care to conform, especially not in the art community.

A friend of mine had taken part last year in one particular art “contest”. The “winning” pieces at this gathering were the

most realistic looking, not much out of the ordinary was appreciated. The judges panel, a bunch of self-proclaimed “artists”, chose for first place a drawing of Brittany Spears, which looked nearly like what she would look like if she were standing in front of you. Second place was a painting of a scene from “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, where a large squid-like creäture was taking over a ship. As the judges were explaining why they chose these winning pieces, one of the self-proclaimed artists grabbed the microphone and tried declaring that their opinions did not make any of the art more artistic or better than any of the other pieces, and that their feelings were just feelings, and did not make an impact on the greatness of any of the pieces. He was somewhat kicked off the judges panel, as all the other judges took his comment toward the students offensively.

I would just like to say, that is not an art community I would like to be part of. Judging art does not even make sense. Is it even really art, then, if one opinion matters over another according to some law?

Anyway, the Walker Art Museum had become a favorite place of mine, where I could live in a different world, where you could sit in a garden and make art and appreciate other people’s art pieces as well.

This is really making me miss Minneapolis. I hear San Francisco is similar in the richer neighborhoods, with an appreciation for art and the outdoors. Perhaps I should visit.

I guess what I meant to say in all of this is how I have been missing my interaction in the artistic community. Perhaps I will go read some Freshly Pressed artistic blogs. Perhaps I will soon invest in my dream of owning a wheel and a kiln. Anyone know where to find a cheaper one of either?


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