The Story of Peter

The ride home- he didn't feel very good...

The ride home- he didn’t feel very good…

The day I brought Peter home- Our first "I will love you forever" kiss

The day I brought Peter home- Our first “I will love you forever” kiss

Ok, I am going to get all cheesy and write a post about my new adoption. I am just so in love!

My family has fostered puppies for a while now with animal shelters in the Kentucky/Indiana area. When we got the call about the two pups who had been abandoned on the side of the road, I was happy to come along to the pick-up. The site was heart-breaking; two wormy, dehydrated, emaciated puppies covered in fleas and their own mess. The little white one was the sicker one, but he appreciated our love like none other. Peter, the brown pup, had  a wonderful personality. For one, in all of his pain and discomfort, he really enjoyed his bath. Well, I fell in love with him right away.

Peter learned his name really fast. No matter how short the time from the last time we cuddled, any time I would call his name, he would run at me full speed ahead and jump into my arms.

Full-blown puppy love.

I quickly decided I had to adopt him. I couldn’t imagine breaking the bond we had for anyone else.Peter!

He is a really smart pup. Everything we share is worth so much. I am very happy to have been the fortunate one to rescue him. Even being offered $200 for my mut was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard, because no amount of money could buy the silly love I have for this dog.

Adopt please. There are shelters full of pups dying every day. It is really heart-breaking seeing pups as wonderful as Peter being killed just because someone would rather have a full-bred dog with papers.



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