DIY Christmas gift- Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub GiftsI am very excited about this super simple gift I am giving on my tight budget this year. Sugar scrubs at the spa can cost a couple hundred dollars, and one bought in the store can cost about $20, so why not give the same feeling with a gift you make yourself? I made 13 of these on about $35 total, so it is a great, low cost gift for ladies in the family that like to feel pampered.

What you’ll need:
2 parts Sugar
1 part Oil (I used an equal mix of organic olive oil and organic coconut oil)
Container (Mason jars you have at home are wonderful; thrift store containers and craft store containers are also fun!)
Tag (This is optional, but I made business cards for a description of the sugar scrub)

I also like the idea of adding an essential oil for added effect. Peppermint or lavender seem to be enjoyed.

In my mix, I did half organic olive oil and half organic coconut oil to save money, since coconut oil can get rather spendy when you need a lot. You can do all coconut oil if you choose, or thin it out more with olive oil. Coconut oil really has the great smell and skin soothing qualities that you are looking for. Every time I have used my sugar scrub, I have loved a half-half mixture; you can’t tell it isn’t all coconut oil!

The only thing you need to make sure of when shopping for the coconut oil is that you are purchasing the liquid, not the solid. To be honest, I made that mistake my first time around, and while the solid may be better to eat, it doesn’t work easily for mixing in sugar and dispensing into separate jars to be given as gifts.

group photo of body scrubs


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