Inexpensive “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” Gifts

Inexpensive Bridesmaids' Gifts

Pre-wedding “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” Gift

I just loved the free printables I found on! Here it is. Their printables are just great; you can cutomize them with your own colors and such. And they have everything from free invitations to save-the-dates to these!

I wanted a vintage themed wedding, and I ran into the free printable on their website. I decided to do one for each bridesmaid (and a special one for my M.O.H.) with a description on the back (just in fancy colored pencil) of why I chose them to be one of my right hand ladies on my big day!

As for the gifts, I thought nail supplies for the big day would be useful and fun. Since we are doing a super-budget wedding, we are definitely doing at-home manicures for the big day. The wedding colors are orange and gray, so there we go! Orange and gray nail polish it is!

I got this super cute idea from pinterest for doing an accent nail for everybody. Them doing all orange and one accent nail of gray (with gray dresses) and me doing the opposite, with 9 gray nails and my ring finger in orange. I loved that I offered them all the supplies they will need, and I like the way I communicated with them what I wanted for wedding colors and helped them coordinate. Orange nail polish is actually quite hard to find!!


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