DIY Boutonniere

For our budget wedding, one of the things we are saving on is flowers. Since we are going with a vintage theme, baby’s breath fits into our budget wedding very well. If baby’s breath is not your kind of thing, it is very simple to just add your own flower to the boutonniere. (Nobody will be able to tell if they are supermarket flowers or fake flowers unless you say something by the way.)

My DIY Boutonniere

My DIY Boutonniere

For the boutonnieres in our wedding, I am using all things I found at the thrift store, and then threw in some things I already owned. My list of supplies was:

  • Baby’s Breath (cut from valentine’s day bouquet of roses)
  • Twine (from around our farm, but very easy to find in a craft store; Ribbon is a beautiful alternative)
  • Brown colored pipe cleaner (I actually found a package at a thrift store for a quarter, but cheap at craft stores as well)
  • Tape (I find floral tape, clear tape, or scotch tape all work)
  • Button (The one pictured is an old one I had, but we found cool wood ones to use in our real boutonnieres at the thrift store)
  • Needle and Thread (I used a burnt orange color for a hint of our orange wedding color)
  • Accent if you choose (Here I used an orange tulle cut in the shape of leaves for the background. I like the idea of burlap, ribbon, feathers or leaves for this)

How To:

  1. Use the Baby’s Breath (or other flower) as your base. Wrap the stem in tape. Some use floral tape, but in my opinion, it doesn’t make a difference if you use clear tape or scotch tape for this project, since it will be covered anyway.
  2. Situate your background accent the way you want it to lay. Slightly bend more flimsy materials to help them stand up behind the main flower.
  3. To hold everything together and give your stem some more substance, wrap in brown colored pipe cleaner. At the bottom, bend and insert the sharp end up into the stem.
  4. Now for the twine: Start by securing the end of the twine to the pipe cleaner near the top. You can use a dab of super glue or hot glue for this, but I chose to use a needle and thread to avoid glue spots and add some rustic character to the boutonniere. If you are using the needle and thread, it will take several wraps around the pipe cleaner and twine to get a secure start. Wrap the twine from the top to the bottom of the pipe cleaner. At the bottom, insert the end of the twine underneath the layers of twine in the back. Here again, I chose to use needle and thread to secure my twine end, but you can just use a dab of glue.
  5. Attach the button. I especially wanted to use needle and thread to add a touch of my orange wedding color here, but a dab of glue would be a very simple way to adhere the button to the boutonniere.

Add your own touch and have fun!

©Chelle Photography

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