Who knew one day could make you so busy!?

Upon logging onto my blog tonight, I realized I have neglected most of my internet usage apart from email for nearly 2 weeks! For anyone whom that seems normal to, I have usually logged on to my many sites of usage daily.

So, I am planning my wedding. And the scariest part is, I am hardly ready for the wedding day, and it is only a month a half away!

At the beginning of our engagement, I was so ready to take on our wedding with a hands-on, DIY, budget-friendly approach. I am crafty and the best thrift shopper I have ever met. No big deal, right? Apparently I was wrong. My pile of  “Done” projects has not grown in far too long.

Doing DIY invitations was fun! I found a complete, unused stationary set just the size we needed at the thrift store for a couple bucks. But designing a full invitation suite on word and including just what each guest needed in each invitation (for the lack of extra paper) was way more  time-consuming than thought. At least I made all 50 invitations on 5 dollars!

Sending them out though? Still hasn’t happened. Panic mode is setting in with less than 50 days to go until the big day. And the culprit? I have worked every day I’ve been able to drive to town for the post office’s full hours, and then the tie-rods on my car went out, and the couple of days I was able to get there, I just didn’t have the money for stamps! (By the way, it is ridiculous that the USPS charges nearly 80 cents now for sending each wedding invitations. $40+ just to send my invitations is ridiculous!! All of my saved money before is out of the window!) At least I sent out save-the-dates!

I still do not have a dress ready to wear either! I have a super inexpensive one purchased, but I have still not finished all of my necessary alterations to make it presentable. This one is a much more difficult feat than expected; bringing my white, all-lace wedding gown downstairs to my sewing surface in our messy farmhouse with a smelly dog and 4 climb-happy kittens is plan-ahead, set-aside-6-hours kind of project… yeah… don’t know where that is going to come from.

My fiancé and I are doing our first premarital counselling session tomorrow with one of the best Christian men I know, and I am very excited for that. He is a younger youth pastor that lives 5 hours away and has 6 kids under the age of 10. We are so blessed to have him as our officiant, marrying us on our special day!

On top of all the things I have not done so far in preparing for the wedding because of work, I got the strangest note from my boss on the subject yesterday. So, I am a newer employee at the store I am working at, and have only this week had a chance to request the days off that I need off this June for our wedding; the bridal shower, two days leading up to the wedding (for preparing, my Bachelorette party and the groom’s dinner), the wedding day (duh), and two days after (I think that is a give-in, we aren’t even leaving on a honeymoon). Somehow, with the only 6 employees that work with me, ALL of  these days had been requested off by my coworkers. Since there is no budging on these days that I need off, I simply added my name to the dates, having previously talked to our manager about them. Anyway, yesterday, I get a note from said manager stating, “Only one person may request off on any given day.” So… I don’t get my wedding day off of work. I guess I should have seen her attitude about this coming, since she described my wedding day as a “hurdle” and a “bump in the road of life” during my interview for employment. That is okay that she sees it that way as a manager wanting to hire a new employee, but it was interesting hearing it as a super-excited bride. Needless to say, I don’t believe I will be staying with this place of employment past about halfway through the month of June…

Anyway, the business continues. I was wondering a while back about why I had such a lack of inspiration to blog. I have finally come to the realization that it is just because I have been so busy! So, a blog on my busy schedule and the things I have failed myself on doing.