Men’s Modern/Vintage Wedding Style

As long as 6 months after our wedding, we are still receiving compliments on the attire of our groomsmen during the wedding. A friend of ours even modeled their family Christmas card from inspiration from the men’s style at our wedding. It is my wonderful, handsome husband’s sense of style, and with the help of the wife, they wore it for about $65 each (most of which was the cost of TOMS shoes)!

So here is what the men wore at our wedding:

©Chelle Photography

©Chelle Photography

©Chelle Photography

©Chelle Photography

I chose to keep the sunglasses in there to protect the anonymity of the youngest brother groomsmen a little bit. Although not all the pictures have those in there, I loved that I got them for the photo opportunity (I just ordered them $10/1 dozen from

The burlap TOMS shoes matched our burlap/twine/lace all around vintage style.

We went for slim ties and suspenders ordered from for less than $5 per guy. They had great color selection and the orange color matched our girls perfectly. The groom got his pants from for about $10.

I hope you can find a little inspiration from our men’s wedding style!


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