Easy, Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Green Beans

This one is one of my favorite heart-healthy recipes; enjoy.


Green beans (Fresh are best, Frozen are great, too)

Olive oil


Onion or Scallion

Garlic Salt


Parmesan cheese

 How to: 

1. Start just enough olive oil to cover the bottom of your pan on the lowest heat you can get your stovetop. As it is heating, mince/chop the garlic and onions. Add the garlic and then onions to the oil and stir around about 10 minutes until golden brown (you don’t want either of these raw or burnt, adjust your time to your stove heat).

2. Add the beans to the pan with oil, mixing around. Keep the pan at the lowest heat setting. Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes for mine to finish cooking, fresh or frozen.


3. Season to taste with salt, garlic salt, and/or pepper.

4. Set on serving plates and sprinkle with parmesan cheese as desired.


Tip: Butter can make this dish extra delicious!

Also, this recipe is super budget friendly with frozen green beans, at only about $0.35 per serving!