I Blab About Myself Here

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I’m Kari. Some people call me Kari Rose. Some people call me Kari Nelson, but that is going to change soon! Not that there is anything wrong with that name, but I am engaged to marry the love of my life; my high school sweetheart and best friend!

Anyway, we are a couple of young adults just a year out of high school. While most young people are pushed into college, we both decided to take a year off. When we got engaged recently, he was earning money for our life together, and I cut short an adventure I had been on. While I actually do intend to return to college after my year off, I just love this and this article on the pressure there is to go to college today, and how it really is not be for some people (I thank my English professor my college freshman year for exposing me to the topic; I felt relieved that I was there by choice and that I did not NEED college like I was always told).

As for my background; I grew up on a dairy farm. I have a great appreciation for agriculture and will forever stand by my roots. Prior to getting engaged, I spent years as a Dairy Princess, representing the dairy industry in my local community and across Minnesota.

When my mom divorced my dad, we moved off of the farm. We had many adventures. I went to too many schools to count, we spent spells without a home or food in our bellies, but I have grown through all of it. I was happy to move back to the farm in the beginning of my high school career.

Although I was not following God at the time, I know he put me back at my dad’s house on the farm for a reason. I spent several years living the high life of business and worry, parties, boys, pride, vanity, and drugs. I had always grown up in a Christian home, and I had to be one of the worst fake Christians out there. In my heart I justified my crazy life with the fact that I had perfect grades (which youth pastors had always told me were important, but they aren’t) and that I usually went to church with my family and that I grew up in a “Christian home”.

Finally, I really realized how unworthy I was of being with God. I realized how awesome God is. Who Christ really is. And how awesome His gift is to us. As a church kid, it was something that was right in front of my nose for so long. I had been living in my luke-warm Christian world I had become a sort of numb. But I am so glad He pulled me back to him. I want to live my life 100% for him, because he is above everything. He made me and my world, gave me everything I have, and deserves all the praise. He could have turned up his nose at me like I had done to him thousands of times, but he chose to love me. He allowed my undeserving self, who practically hated him in the past, a redeeming chance at his absolute, unfailing love, and a beautiful life where he gets to look out for my good. I am still nowhere near perfect, but it is a joyful life serving the Lord.

My last year of life has been an all-over one. I have met incredible people, started this blog, gotten engaged, moved back and forth around the country, worked many jobs, and helped in the adoption of a young girl with a rough past. It is surely nothing like anything I have encountered yet, and I am sure next  year will look worlds different.

Anyway… As for my blog, I tend to post about things I am encountering in life just as it comes at me. Lately, I have been planning a budget wedding. I am in the generation that posts things on Facebook and Twitter a lot, but I use this blog for things that are just too big of ideas for those avenues.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and getting to know me a little bit!

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