Budget Wedding: Top 8 websites to find the best gown on a super budget

Find this dress with detachable train for $185 on DidoBridal.com

Find this dress with detachable train for $185 on DidoBridal.com

As a budget bride, when I hear of my peers that are getting married spending thousands on gowns, I am just dumbfounded. Even the hidden fees in David’s Bridal’s “clearance gowns” (like their $250+ alteration fees on top of an already expensive gown) are a scary thought to me. If a bride can comfortably afford these dresses, I am very happy for her! But I feel like so many brides are spending more than $500 dollars on a dress because they think that is the best deal they are going to find. I purchased mine for just over $140, and have continued to find even better the more I plan my wedding. It is possible to get a beautiful wedding gown selection as good as any at a bridal shop for all under $300. 

And if you save enough money on the wedding gown, maybe you can afford a party dress for your reception!

Here is my best list of places to search online for a super budget wedding dress. 
(no particular order)

1) JJsHouse.com -They have a new sale of large discounts every week, and also a great selection of prom dresses! Their adorable sister-site is JenJenHouse.com

2) DidoBridal.com -They have an adorable selection of quick-shipping items; perfect for a super short-engagement wedding or a just-added bridesmaid! 

3) Ebay.com -I know this one can be scary, but several wedding dress shops also display their dresses on Ebay. You can also find great second-hand designer dresses as dirt cheap prices!

4) EbuyWedding.com -This one has Great dresses for women of all sizes and some great short (reception/beach/destination) wedding gowns!

5) TopWedding.com -They have my favorite selection of reception/party dresses! 

6) InWeddingDress.com -Also has great plus sized dresses and maternity dresses on a budget!

Beautiful dress only $178 on ebuywedding.com!

Beautiful dress only $178 on ebuywedding.com!

7) VivoBridal.com -This website has a great selection of dresses from all sorts of cultures around the world; and they also sell styles as seen on the red carpet! 

8) SimplyBridal.com -One of my favorites as far as making your online shopping experience simple and elegant, but you may be paying about $100 more per dress than some other sites. Still a really outstanding deal and beautiful gowns. Great customer service to make your bridal experience an elegant one.

All of these websites also have great bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride dresses as well!